Monday, March 16, 2009

I can't believe he's 4!!!

With my baby, the time has flown! I've tried to treasure each and every moment with Easton since he was born. Now don't get me wrong, I treasured it with Britton and Landon also, but with them there was always the possibility of having another baby so each special moment wasn't like it would be the absolute last time I would get to see one of my baby's do this or that. With Easton, things were a bit different. We knew that he was the last. So each time I put away a toy he had outgrown or moved him to a new carseat or gave him that last jar of baby food...I knew it would be the last time I would do it for one of my own kids. I've treasured each step...the cuddles in the middle of the night, the first "I wub you", the giggles when his brother and sister would give him zerberts and even the sleepless nights, the screaming in his carseat for hours on end, the constant spitting up until age 1. I've tried to soak in each moment. And today he's already 4. It seems like it was just yesterday that I found out about having an antibody and there might be a problem with the pregnancy. It seems like just yesterday some really wonderful friends joined hands with me and prayed for my baby because we were so uncertain about how things would turn out. It seems like just yesterday I saw one of the many ultrasounds with him giving us the thumbs up. It seems like just yesterday that a perfect and beautiful 9 pound 4 ounce baby boy was born that would change our lives, again, forever. Time flies.
Easton is in every meaning of the words, the baby of the family. He's by far the most aggressive of my three kids, but at the same time, the most shy around strangers. He loves to be home and playing outside. He loves sports...any sports. He is the first to defend his brother and sister and the first to call them a name if they upset him. He's big and rough and the sweetest 4 year old you've ever met...once he warms up to you. He's been such a blessing to us.... regardless of what his brother might tell you. God has blessed me beyond measure.
Happy 4th Birthday, Easton! I love you sooooo much!!!


Tina said...

OK Great! You made me cry. It is so hard to believe he is 4. He is precious and I miss him terribly. Hope his 4's are fantastic. :)