Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday, Landon!

Doesn't it seem that once your kids get out of diapers, time flies?! That first couple of years can be so trying. Don't get me wrong, I loved when my kids were babies and they were completely dependent on me for everything......but then there were those days when it seemed like they would never grow up and be big enough to put their own clothes on or wipe their own bottom or get their own poptart out of the cabinet:)! But now that they can do those things, it seems like they are growing up too fast and no longer want help with anything, except cleaning up their bedrooms and doing their homework for them.

I can't believe my Landon is turning 8. He is such a special boy. He is so talented in so many areas...sports, reading, writing, math...I could go on and on. He is what I call that typical middle child, who feels like he has to compete for attention from a younger brother and wants to have the same privileges as his older sister. It's a tough place in life to be in and he is slowly figuring out how to balance that middle position.

Landon is a wonderful student and friend. Ask any of his friends or teachers or anyone except his siblings. His is that kid that everyone likes and wants to be friends with. His that kid that every teacher dreams of having because he never causes a problem, always has the right answer, and doesn't disappoint. He puts a lot of pressure on himself and I always have to remind him to relax a little and enjoy today. I have no doubt that he will grow up to be a wonderful Christian man, who loves unconditionally and gives unceasingly. He is all boy right now and his temperment makes some days challenging, but that same temperment will one day pay off into a very driven, strong man with unlimited possibilities.

I love you so much Landon! You are a fantastic son and I wish you a life of joy and success and fun and happiness. You will always be my "Pilly Pedro", and I hope you have a wonderful 8th year!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Lots of firsts going on around here. Chad killed his first deer, Britton swam in her first swim meet, Landon had his first basketball game of the season, and Easton is cow racing champion (gotta love the Wii)! As for me, all of my family's accomplishments feel like firsts for me as well. I guess that "living through your child thing" is true. I get more excited than they do at their competitions. It really is a lot of fun.

Another busy week here. Landon has a basketball game tonight and Britton has her second meet this weekend in Jacksonville.

That's Britt on the blocks. She didn't place, but she did so great!